February 19, 2013
We are quite traditional. We are Buddhists and have been staying in KL for many years but we still keep various traditions for Chinese New Year. We would actually find it awkward if we don't, because seriously, these are the practices that make a CNY different from normal days.

On CNY eve, we woke up early to worship Buddha, gods and our ancestors. We offered vegetarian food (because we are all vegetarians so we offer it to them), fruits, Chinese pastries, joss sticks and candles. We also offer some of the significant CNY foods that symbolizes good luck, wealth and fortune. Gourd (葫芦) brings peace and safety, pumpkin has many seeds, symbolizes offsprings. I'm not sure if anyone of us in the house needs that though. Baha.

And on the second day of CNY (年初二) we also make offerings to celebrate new year, or in Chinese we call it 开年, which means the beginning of a brand new year.

It's more like our tradition than superstitious belief. That's how we worship our ancestors and respect our tradition. And it feels so good to see that the elders are still around busy preparing for Chinese New Year.

May all be well and happy for the new year!

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