March 18, 2013
I started using cosmetics since a young age. The whole makeup thing used to be really random and silly, I'd just grab the cheapest stuffs in store, drew and thought the darker the better. I thought More was beautiful.

Then I realize makeup is all about enhancing my own features, not to turn myself into whoever in the magazines. I could never look like them.
It took me some time to find the style and products that suit me, in terms of functionality, colours, personality and of course, price! I only buy drugstore products and honestly they make wonders.

Innisfree Green Tea Perfume (Eau De Toilette)
My nose is extremely sensitive and unable to stand strong smell. I'll keep sneezing all the time. This scent is mild and fresh. It's similar to the natural aroma a cup of hot green tea would smell like, but a little more intense and concentrated, making it extremely wearable and one of my favourites.
Unfortunately this is not available in Malaysia.... yet.. =(

Maybelline Watershine Pure in C22 Shade
Getting the perfect shade of lipstick is a pain, believe me. I had been exploring the suitable colour for myself. I dislike the stickiness and oily texture of lip glosses, and want a little bit more colour than lip balm. I love pink but unfortunately pinks or purples look terrible on me.
Then I discovered I have warm skin tone and peachy colour suits me well.  It also makes my complexion looks better. This particular lipstick suits me in terms of colour and it doesn't taste weird.

Maybelline Eyestudio GD-2 Gold Nuggets 
Neutral colours with a little touch of shimmer makes it perfect for me.


Etude House BB Cream in N02
I must thank my Korean friends for introducing this to me. I think this BB cream is fantastic. It is not sticky, good in concealing imperfections, giving even complexion and although it's tinted, it wouldn't make you look pale and sick. So far I am very happy with this, much better than some I had tried, like the Maybelline and Skin79 BB cream.

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion
I love roses deeply. This is a Christmas gift from my friend, Grace Phua. I'm not really willing to use this as it's a precious token of friendship and a lotion like this is always too luxurious for ordinary days. Nevertheless the smell is amazing. Just by sniffing it, I'm drunk.

Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner in Number 1 
Eyeliner is my ultimate essential I guess no girls can deny this. It immediately helps to brighten and enlarge your eyes. I was struggling to find an eyeliner which doesn't smudge and easy to glide on. This is pretty amazing. It's creamy and not dry. The only drawback is it still smudge as I have extremely oily skin. =(
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner is good too.

Tony Moly Tony Tint in Red Apple
The businessman are so damn smart. There are lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip tint, lip stain, lip liner etc etc... just to colour our mouth. Women. I personally like lip tint as it appears more natural and long lasting than the other lip products.

Ladies, hope you'll find a way to feel beautiful too.
Good luck. =)

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