Grandma is adorable

It has been a while since I snapped photos of my grandma. She is healthy as before, but just a little more kiddy and adorable than ever. She will diligently search for everything edible in the house, be it a candy, cookie, an orange, a bread, as well as little things that seem to be edible, such as little erasers, plastic grapes for decoration or a toy bread. 

There's a surprise for us every day.

Photographing her is one of the most satisfying things to do. She forgets about camera, although she used to dislike being photographed when she was younger.  She also doesn't know that she has to pose in front of the camera, which makes snapping her portraits extremely difficult as she won't look into the camera or stare at the camera longer than the shutter speed. 

But her pictures are the most natural. She is just being her own self. 

Oh did I tell you she is already 88 years old? And her hair isn't completely grey yet! 

The photo above was taken carefully one evening. Apparently she was in good mood. I'm so glad that she smiled. Perhaps it's a timid and shy smile but it means friendliness and cooperation. 

The photo below was taken when we went to a temple during Chinese New Year. I kept telling her I had candies on my hand so that she was willing to stare at me, or my camera for a longer time. She reached out her hand shyly, asking for candy. I released the shutter and kept this moment forever.

That was a slightly shy expression. 

This is one of my favourite photo so far. It has a story, our story. Simply natural and meaningful.




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