March 20, 2013

Besides taking a lot of photos on each vacation, I keep little things that joined me in that journey. Then I keep these little things carefully and bring them together on a book. This little travelogue contains maps which were so important when exploring a foreign city, entrance tickets reminding me where I'd been and some photos I found from maps or brochures.

Every time I flip through the book, which is once in a few months, not that frequent at all, it reminds me of all those beautiful moments. It's similar to the feeling when you suddenly look back at your childhood photos and gasp "Aww...".

A notebook, any size and type 
Maps, brochures and tickets
A little time, maybe an afternoon on weekends

I also add some little notes and thoughts here and there. Some places bring special memories. Like my recent Bangkok trip my friend Baba and I were scammed in China Town, which kind of affect my impression on Tut-tut drivers. We were near China Town and asked a driver the exact direction to the restaurants. They cheated us that the restaurants were all closed and 'volunteered to send us somewhere else for dinner so that they could earn more. In the end we were sent to somewhere expensive and looked luxurious. Scammed and left immediately after that. To prevent a second time stupidity I wrote that down. 

And it's extremely fun to look back. I would definitely forget everything if I don't write that down.


I notice that there's a little increase in the number of audience to this blog since beginning of this year. I'm so glad that you're here. But I have no idea who you are at all, which is kinda sad as I would like to know and welcome you, happily and gratefully, to this little utopia of mine. Thanks and feel free to say hello! By whatever means, you can e-mail, or leave a little note. It means a lot to me.

Thanks for reading.  =)

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