Discover the city 3

Some artists were working on the colourful graffiti on the wall mural along Sungai Klang. I thought it was such a great platform for talented artists. Not only they are able to express their creativity through paints, it adds an artistic touch and energy to this city. Some of the mural paintings reflect our national culture.

Again, not everyone can be an artist. This artist was working on sand art. He used sands of various colours to create a beautiful landscape in a glass bottle. There're a lot more artists like him in Central Market, and there's even a shop where you can hand-paint your own batik.

Muzium Tekstil Negara 

Like most of the buildings nearby, the National Textile Museum is located inside an old building, which to me  looks like an ancient European Castle with dome shaped like an ice-cream. The sun shined through the glass doors and windows. On the second floor of the museum we walked out to the balcony and had a great view on the Dataran Merdeka.

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