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I ♥ KL! Part 1

I'm always on a rush in this big city, where I was born and raised. I live in this city all my life, but the time was spent either between schools, tuition classes, exams, running errands, shopping, never sightseeing. Ahh and also in this city I dream of going overseas to look at another city, which was rather unfair for this city.

So we decided to give KL a go. My family and I decided to visit a few places around the Merdeka Square.

Last Saturday was as sunny as it could be, hot and muggy. It was quite inappropriate to walk in a massive field of green open field under the hot sun. Since it was a 'travelling' how could the hot sun stop you? 

In the photo we were attempting to have a high jump in the middle of the field, typical tourist photos and something young people must do. But obviously we failed and didn't get a good photo afterall.

Did I share my new year resolution here in Evetopia? No I didn't. I made a secret wishlist of all the beautiful places in Malaysia that I wish to visit this year. And Kuala Lumpur is definitely in it.

Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur

A few years ago when I was still an undergraduate and young, I used to study in Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur with my brother to prepare for my university exam while my brother prepared for his SPM. Those were the carefree days when we sat by the floor-to-ceiling glass, overlooking the whole Merdeka Square. The sun shined brightly into the study area, but neither too glaring nor hot. During the afternoon the library was conquered by young people in school uniforms, especially when SPM was near, so many young people were bustling in and out to study.

I remember me, my brother, my sister and their friends were all sitting at different tables, quietly reading and scribbling words on papers.

We normally sat at the second floor, where we could see everything including the big field, Sultan Abdul Samad Builiding, old rainforest trees and also the modern buildings behind them.

Definitely a great way to spend a afternoon. Books, coffee and a great view, you couldn't probably ask for more.

There is an urge in me to know more about this city. This post is only part 1.

Choose one weekend, get your lazy butt off the couch, pack a bag and explore!

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