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April 11, 2013

As much as I love eating in restaurants, it's always good to have meals at home. First it's comfortable like no other restaurants can offer. Second your sitting posture and eating style can be highly free and relaxed. Third the process of food preparing is absolutely fun. Almost like doing experiments at home. How exciting!

The photo above was a pear juice (?) 冰糖雪梨 prepared by my good old friend Grace Phua. I was in a bit of hopelessness and unhealthy-ness so she kindly boiled this. With a kind note attached.

You see, home food is absolutely therapeutic!

They don't taste superbly amazing and professional. Sometimes they are even bland, ordinary and repetitive. Yes repetitive. Sometimes I'll complain about how typical they are but I also realize that some day I will miss this repetition.

The photo above was taken for our family reunion dinner. Vegetarian, some eggs, huge amount, and very home-style.

Maybe one saturday, grab a recipe that you like, probably a simple one for a lazy weekend, or a more complicated recipe for the adventurous ones, give it a try and feel the joy of producing something.

There's something serene and calm about following a cooking protocol, measuring the ingredients, and seeing your own hard work becoming something beautiful. And even better, someone feels happy after eating your masterpiece.

Those vege sushi and vege bouquet are gorgeous. The colours simply lighten up the atmosphere. 

There's no place like home. Have a wonderful weekend. =)

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