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April 09, 2013

There're countless unexpected things going on recently, more than I can ever describe. They belong to both internal and external affairs. I personally hate telling my own stories to people, it sounds like gossiping... about myself. I absolutely... don't like to talk about it.

So to get myself out of it I talked to my friends, a few old friends that I have known for years. They listen quietly.

That's all we need after all, a few pairs of trustworthy ears, some sympathy looks and I'm ready to rock again.

Oh yeah, my face. I would never take a self portrait if I don't have any makeup and nice clothes on. That is partly due to lack of confidence in myself to show my own bare face. Going au naturale was awkward as I thought I would look awkward.

But I'm 24 this year. At this age, we have grown up, learned from mistakes and gotta love ourselves more. Not that I will throw away all the facial chemicals and paints, but I'll start to understand myself. I'll start to embrace my own features.

There might be spots and acne here and there,  I should throw away the mask and let my nature breathe and smile happily.

You go girl.

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