Neverland Is Pink

April 18, 2013

Yay. Welcome to a virtual tour --- my room! I love pink colour. 

What I love more is when the sun shines in and brightens up the entire room, the room will be so bright and warm, the bed sheet and everything else will smell like sun. Sun light is a magical perfume, it gives the fabric some unique and cozy aroma. When the sun sets during the evening the room will turn rose gold in colour.

A few years ago my parents nodded to this unrealistic idea of realizing a dream room. Since then I began to  fully utilize this privilege and turn this little room into a small fantasy land. There's roses, lotus, jewels, sea shells, books, wardrobe, handbags, cosmetics in this enormously pink castle.

Yes there's even a Barbie. She was given as a McDonald's toy when I was little. And she is here standing next to the dreamy roses mainly because of her tones. Not that I am desperate. No. White and pink is the theme for the room.

That's an old painting of mine a few years ago for a watercolour class. It peacefully sits on the shelf together with some ornaments neighbouring my favourite books.

In the cartoon movie Peter Pan, the hero himself, Tinkle Bell, the boys in animal costumes, the Indians and Captain Hook live in this mysterious but awesome place named Neverland. According to Wikipedia, "its best known resident famously refused to grow up, and it is often used as a metaphor for eternal childhood (and childishness), immortality, and escapism." 

Hmm, childishness and escapism. I agree. There's no place like home, especially your own bedroom.

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