Republic Of Art

Art is neither seen or touched, but felt. Art is an universal language that can be understood by all people regardless of race, nationalities, mother tongues and backgrounds. Art lies in the eyes of beholder.

There's a REPUBLIC OF ART exhibition in my university yesterday. There's a booth where the students could try to complete a batik art with the help of an artist. And they could bring their masterpiece home.  Batik is a unique textile art that brings life to a piece of white cloth. With the help of wax and various colours, I see happiness, peace and energy.

The Wau, traditional Malay/Malaysian kite, was made of little pieces of colour paper made by paper carving. I was told that  a professional artist would take around 4 days to complete a Wau. After I tried I thought I would take 4 months. It was so tedious and intricate!

So on the next booth, when I had the chance to show the barely-there artistic side of me, I wrote LOVE IS ART. I think love is a word for affections and emotions, and we express our emotions through art. Painting and carving are one of the ways.

And because yesterday was the day of the birth of the Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism, my friend Yong Hao drew a Buddha and wishing you

May You Be Well and Happy.  =)

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