Instagram Natura Photo Diary

YShin photographing me photographing her photographing myself and the cacti.

Photos from my Instagram

I used to think that  my phone's camera was terrible.

I've been using an old Samsung phone for two years now. Yeah two years. Back then it was one of the best-selling phones but now apparently the new ones are so much more advanced. The new models are comparable to digital and even entry-level DSLR. Although I love my DSLR and think it's irreplaceable (ahem for me) there are moments where I wish to capture immediately with something not as bulky.

A photographer shared in her blog that one of her new year's resolution for photography is 'NOT to be limited by your gear'. True. Heavy and bulky cameras might not necessarily do better. 

So inspired by her, I thought perhaps I'll add that in my bucket list and do more with my old phone. Every photo here was taken by my good ol' phone, some with filters in instagram. And I am pleased with the outcome. Very pleased. =D

Yes that's a lot of flowers. 

In fact I want to clear up my own misconception that only expensive gears can make a photo 'work'. I was thinking about getting a new phone with better resolution or changing my DSLR's lens. After giving it a second thought (mainly in the financial aspect) I decided not to. 

"Maybe I don't need to. Let's see what we can do with things we already have."

Batu Caves is definitely one of the most spectacular places in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor area. The limestones are 400 million years old. The sacred caves house several Hindu shrines and statues. 272 steps aren't that difficult to climb. I highly recommend people who's never been there before, to visit this magnificent creation of nature, to feel and to understand how our fellow Hindus pay respect to their religion and worship Lord Murugan. It is the tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world.

Sometimes the best shot can happen at the most unlikely moment using the most handy tool. And through my phone I recorded some of my favourite things and best moments in life.  =)

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