June Brides

July 02, 2013

Shafinah's wedding. I agree that in Malay weddings the bride and the groom are known as the king and queen of a day. The pelamin setup decorated with flowers, chandeliers and gorgeous theme colours simply fits for royalty. Shafinah's wedding was a beautiful one filled with blessing, love and happiness. She looked amazing and especially when she walked down the aisle with her husband, her face was glowing. And that's one kind of blissfulness that radiates naturally from within and when a woman's really happy. What an adorable couple!

June must be a really good month for weddings. I remember reading a book about a girl wishing desperately to tie the knot in June. And in the movie Bride Wars two best friends wanted to be June brides and even fought with each other to get married on the same day. June is a month when the weather's fine, flowers are blooming and it's the middle of the year when everyone needs some good news.

So I attended two weddings consecutively on two Saturdays in June. One was my colleague, Shafinah's wedding. The second wedding was Chew Moi's wedding. She was extremely lovely and adorable, glowing beautifully and radiating happiness. And it was held in a Buddhist's way so besides the civil registration formalities there was an additional element of sacredness to the union.

Chew Moi's wedding. Do I understand that you Mr. ____ and you Ms. _____ are here
of your own freewill for the purpose of becoming man and wife?

And they said 'I do.'.

This image credit goes toYong Hao.
Two different weddings, different ceremonies, culture, celebration, religion and culture, but equally beautiful and special. Their joy were infectious even the air smelled sweet. That's when love brings two individuals together, it symbolizes a brand new start of companionship and fresh hope for a better future together.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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