Our Mini Music World

July 09, 2013

My friend Sharon and I worked together to create our mini Music World. The whole frame is only slightly bigger than my palm. How adorable!

It was harder than I thought, even though everything was supplied in a kit. It took us many evenings to complete. You know why? The piano was made up of more than 10 separate pieces that we had to ensemble them to create its present form. The cushion of the chair, was hand-sewn. And the piano sheets were cut out one by one and bound into a book, the windows were made of many parts, and the plants, the bin and the frames... were all created from so many tiny little pieces.

It's not easy, but the satisfaction of DIY projects comes from creating something from scratch and the sheer delight of seeing it coming to live.

Initially we assembled them piece by piece. Although there is a picture of the end product on the box and the instructions were clear, I didn't expect it turning out to be so cute! Once we placed everything in the frame, it immediately becomes so realistic and truly a musical world.

It is not perfect, but if you know the story behind it, you'll think it is. 

If I complete this all by myself, maybe I wouldn't feel it as special as I feel it now. Sharon is one of my best friends and I am very proud and grateful of that.

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  1. that's lovely and wonderful.
    Sharon told me about it and she is so proud of having this in completion. Thanks Wai Kuan, for the amount of work and time you pour out. Sharon once told me, she is so blessed and so proud to have you in her life. Well, that goes same as me too:)


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