July 04, 2013

When my friend Yong Hao took these portraits of mine, we were both at Chew Moi's wedding. Her joy had apparently spread to me, plus the weather was fine and the ambience was joyful so I was really happy.

My style of photography has always been 'well-arranged and planned', especially with my own portraits. I mechanically set up the tripod and remote, pose the best angle and choose my favourite from a bunch of random similar photos of myself. Sometimes this could be boring and lifeless.

So it is very interesting to have other people take portraits of myself. Not planned, totally candid and natural. In these portraits I like how natural sunlight was shining on me and I was literally glowing with happiness when (above) I was squatting down taking a picture of a cat and a little girl.

Red is a powerful colour, symbolizing a strong sensation of happiness, anger, love or other intense emotions. And Taylor Swift's performance at CMA singing Begin Again had me unhesitantly splurged on a bright red dress. This vibrant colour represents exactly how I felt. Happy and joyful.


For the last two photos credits go to my mum the great photographer.

I think I'm the happiest when doing something I'm really interested in and passionate about, a hobby that brings so much fun and discoveries. Photography, I'm glad I've found you.

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