Galeria Time Tunnel 1


Galeria Time Tunnel Part 1

We were at Time Tunnel, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It's a memorabilia museum with an amazingly wide range of collectibles across a century. It shows how Malaysians lived in the pre-war period and how their lives changed after the nation's independence.

We could see photos of old Cameron Highlands, old Malaya and daily bits of what our ancestors used to love. Songs, drinks, advertisements, posters, celebrities, household items, toys, stationery... all the little things that belong to their era.

Do you remember that white four-cornered thingy that we used to play at school? What is it called? I remember writing all sorts of nonsense on it and trick friends into 'getting' something silly but incredibly funny. And it must be fold using papers torn from an exercise book. How epic!

When I'm sixty years old, probably things that come into a museum will be posters of Lady Gaga or Jay Chou, Kpop albums, Chatime, smartphones and Ipads.

Oh yeah, and definitely minions. And suddenly we will remember on that particular year when we were all young, how people went crazy over them and now they are sitting quietly in a row together with some other toys behind the glass window.

Time passes, things change but memories stay.

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