Galeria Time Tunnel 2

Galeria Time Tunnel Part 2. Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Photos in part 2 portrayed lifestyles of our past generation. From the barber shop, a hawker stall, kopitiam and the interior of a home, to little items that were widely used in that generation.

The coffee shop was the most epic of all. The little eatery includes vintage cups, utensils, stools... the list is endless, especially the yellowing adverts on the walls. We took a glimpse into how our grandparents and our parents lived in the past years. It was before fluorescent lamp became widely accessible and truly affordable. Kerosene lamps were used instead as a lighting tool.

My parents were feeling nostalgic because this place really reflected how they lived and grew up. And they were saying how things changed tremendously and none of those items or the ambience remain in our lifestyles now. It took just thirty to forty years to change.

And so I thought, what will the world look like thirty years later? I understand that we'll have to change to adapt to the whole technology and development thingy but somehow I wish something can be kept and remained instead of only seeing them in a museum. It could either be an item, a taste or a place.



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