Hello Kitty

August 12, 2013

This kitty recently came to our house alone, injured, scared and was starving. There was no sight of her mother nor siblings, which is unusual because normally cats do take care of their offsprings and they live in a pack. It seems like she abandoned her. Photos below were her when she was around one week old, with wounds under her eyes. Not that somebody hit her, probably she fell down or knocked against something. Kesiannyer.


After two weeks of feeding her milk with syringe, melt by her cuteness and occasionally scratched by her, she is now happy and healthy. She is bigger and stronger, and meow even louder now.

Also, very naughty, extremely active, playful and curious about anything and everything. Like a human kid!

There was a shocking case a few years ago in Malaysia where a kitten was stepped on, trampled and killed. Would you ever do that? To a kitten? After seeing that innocent and furry face? Hardly.

At home we don't buy any cat or dog as pet, they come to us. There's not a time that we don't have any animal around. Every morning two or three stray cats will be meowing loudly behind our house asking for food. And we enjoy feeding and playing with them.

From these experience I learn that animals have feelings too. They have the capacity to feel insecure, experience fear, happiness and affection. It's only appropriate and humane that we avoid simply harming and injuring them.

Have a happy week. Meow!

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