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August 23, 2013

It is already August now and in a blink of an eye the new year will come. I looked back and checked my list of resolution that I wish to do this year. And realize not even half of them was started.

I watched a movie called "Jane Austen Book Club". It's a  about a book club formed to discuss the six books written by Jane Austen. Every month they meet once to discuss one book, about their thoughts on the characters, plots, dresses, parties... everything described by Jane. As they delve into the stories, each of the members face real-life situations that parallel the characters' in the books.

After the movie was out, many Austen's fans all around the world started their very own Jane Austen Book Club. I wish we could have one here too. So I googled and asked friends in Kuala Lumpur but no one was interested. Some people had not even heard of this great writer.

After years of searching and thinking,  finally there's hope! I found a friend, Wen Lee who read Austen's works and is interested to discuss about them. I'm so glad! But there's only two of us now, we need more people. Whether you have or haven't read it, but are interested to join, I sincerely welcome you!

On October we will start with Pride And Prejudice. Have you heard of it? Do you want to know more? Do you know why Mr Darcy, the hero in this book, is so popular among its readers?

We'll talk about it! Do come!


A friend of mine recently told me how many dreams she has, that she is only dreaming and how many things she could have done. She is demotivated, not confident and unhappy. I totally understand that. But the choice is in your hand.

If you really want to do something so badly, think about it every night before you sleep, feel happy about it, you better start chasing that dream and rock it.

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  1. Wai Kuan! When is it exactly? I read "Price and Prejudice" years ago.. almost forgot all the details. Hehe..


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