September 30, 2013
curry mee malaysia

Welcome to Bentong!

My parents were born, raised, they met and got married here. When my paternal grandmother was alive we used to come more often. Bentong is famous for food, food and food. It's famous for Kwangsi Yong Tau Foo, durians, Bentong tau-pok (豆卜), Bentong ginger and homemade ice cream.... and many other yummeh goodness. 

I was very surprised when I constantly see Bentong listed as a popular destination for short weekend getaways. Some restaurants here are actually highly-recommended and appeared in many Malaysian travel guidebook and those are the restaurants that we don't know or never visit before. Lol. But I kinda agree it has some of the best Kwangsi good though. And I couldn't find any other cham-ping in other places that is comparable to Bentong's. They have the most GAU, most generous, richest and yummeh version ever.


My grandparents came from China. With many other Chinese of the same Kwangsi clan, they flocked together and started their new lives. Today in Bentong, many shops still retain their original architecture and design. The windows, signboard and the fonts are so old-school. 

In small town like Bentong, there are many family businesses where the shop was started by great-grandfather, passed to grandfather, and then to father to sons...  This bread shop is recommended by various authors but erm... I never try before la.

The town is the busiest on Sunday when there's a morning market occupying the whole street. Vendors from outside Bentong will come, and there'll be many stalls selling local products like ginger candies, Kwangsi kuih and Sempalit peanut.

Chinese Assembly Hall. This is one of the largest halls in Bentong. It was built in 1914. The day that this photo was taken, there were people busy decorating the hall for an Indian wedding. And my parents got married here too, twenty over years ago!

Air Terjun Chamang

This waterfall has a rather romantic Chinese name, Lovers Waterfall 情人瀑布. It's the best place to go after a long day under the sun! There were mostly Malay families who came for a relaxing weekend, just chilling in the water, picnic and barbeque.

And this reminds me of FRIM that I've been talking about for years. Hey kawan-kawan sekalian, bila mau pergi ya?

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