September 28, 2013

I think beauty is ....

She was my roommate for two years when I was doing my degree. Two years! Sometimes we fall on the extreme ends of the spectrum of hobbies and personalities.

She loves watching dramas and movies. I don't.
She loves talking on the phone, for a long time. I don't.
She loves talking to you when you're doing things. I don't.

And those are the three things that I dislike the most. Imagine your roommate doing that every single day. Of course I have some other eccentric habits that seem illogical to her. Such as... shh. But still we share opinion on some of the things, for example, political views, or maybe criticizing other girls.

Grace is one of those girls who're not confident of how they look or pose in front of a camera. I guess that's because she didn't know how sweet, approachable, friendly and beautiful she looks just being natural and wearing a smile. And, go get a red lipstick. Not every girl can pull off such a strong colour but you can.

Thank you for letting me take photos of you. You really look gorgeous!

"I think beauty is from within."  - Grace

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