Sungai Klau and Sungai Chalit, Raub, Pahang

Most photos here were beautiful coincidence, they were shot while I was riding a speeding motorbike (!).

Thanks to the Wan sisters: Mei Zhen and Mei Ling for the wonderful trip, especially Mei Ling as my driver and tour guide. She showed me her primary school, brought me up the hill where I could see the beautiful panoramic view of the plantation and mountain range, local little temples, and so many strange new things. When I say new things they include lime fields, gosling (baby goose), some really old trucks, a bright blue bird and a huge lizard. It was the first time I had ever seen a rubber tree up close!

Sungai Klau and Sungai Chalit are quiet, peaceful villages where most of the residents are orchardists.

After living in the city for 20 over years and stuck in the traffic jam every day, an adventurous ride to the countryside was beyond amazing. No traffic jam, no impatient urbanite and no long queue. It's relaxing, there're just me, my camera, Mei Ling, the bike, cool wind and natural simple things. Even looking at the palm trees and seeing the cattle grazing grass could be so exciting.

Once again, thanks to the Wan family for accompanying me and my equally amazed Korean friend, Krystal for the relaxing weekend getaway. =)

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