Before I die, I want to...

October 23, 2013
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I first knew about this 'Before I die, I want to' thing from a TV show where the hosts were talking about this board in Korea. It was started by  a contemporary artist, Candy Chang who spoke about this at TED.  At their website they even show you how to create this wall.

And then, I saw it for real at TEDxKL. People wrote their crazy, big ideas. Big or small, solemn or funny, practical or only-in-your-dreams ambitions/wawasan.

Wait... It's illegal to share other people's works, but I think it's legal to share people's dreams.

Note: Someone wants to 'meet Steve Jobs' and meet 'MJ'. Hmm. That will be 'After I die'.

I was amused at first, reading all these interesting ambitions of others. And then I was so inspired by them to write my own ambition. (I'm not gonna tell you what I wrote.) Actually this board struck me a little. I came to know that so many people, right in front of me had these great dreams that they were not afraid to tell the world. That's exactly the first step needed if you really want to do something, be sure and be confident of what you wanna do, no matter how incredible they sound. 

My brother was a committee of an exhibition recently held in the University of Malaya. It was a Buddhism exhibition but nevertheless it's about inspiring people to do good. He and his friends recreated this board and let the visitors fill in their blanks.

Now let us share with you what they wrote.

University of Malaya, 9th-11th October 2013

Before I die, I want to...

meet Lee Yong-Dae
spend time with my family
sponsor a child

join the big family of the Buddhist Society
travel abroad once a year

graduate, go overseas
learn Buddhism
do something good

be forever happy

do a little something different for this world
do my best

get first class
travel around the world
ring everyone that I know and thank them one by one
family and friends be safe and happy
graduate with high CGPA
wish everyone well and happy
everyone in the family be happy

marry Jang Geun Suk
wish everyone safe, blissful, healthy and happy 
get good results
graduate next year
family to be healthy

help more people

smile to the whole world

live at the present moment

the full view

CGPA 4.0 (four flat) every semester
graduate and travel overseas
learn Buddhism, do something good

find 'him' that is willing to sponsor a child with me

make my own family

And last but not least, I have no idea who wrote this but I think it deserves a standing ovation.

If I were to write on this board when I was 18, I would probably write these.
Before I die, I want to marry Jay Chou.
Before I die, I want to look beautiful.

But now.

Before I die, I want to do something good.
Before I die, I want to always be happy.
Before I die, I want to just be myself.

It sounds cliche but honestly now that I'm aging, I realize that time will wait for no one.
There are more important things in life other than having longer lashes or glossier hair.

So, you. Yes, YOU!

Please fill in the blank. With anything. As much as possible.

Before I die, I want to ____________________.

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