Birthday 1

One of the birthday presents I got this year was a photography gear. It's a strobe light + soft box set. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the parcels, it was delivered by GD Express. I thought it was some materials for a Buddhist camp I was helping. Then I saw it, jumped up and down, shouted with my sister and cried. I was overwhelmed by this mixed emotions of feeling happy, excited, honoured and surprised all at the same time. When people remember your birthday and put effort into making you happy, you're lucky, that's one of the best feelings in this world.

Thank you Baba, Grace Phua, Jing Ping, Yiing Yee, Yu He, Choon Yee, Su Yea, Wai Peng and Chei Tgeng! I couldn't thank you enough!

It was pretty easy to set up and straight away ideas were churning in my head. How should I utilise these new babies?

To use it for the first time, I came out with this simple concept : my own portrait wearing my favourite lipstick, Revlon Lip Balm Stain in Rendezvous. I want the photos to be simple, clean and a little dark with a classic black backdrop. I placed the light on my 1 o'clock direction and my tripod right in front of me. And ta-daa, I love the results! This setup of side lighting and dark mood is my favourite, but it's difficult to create this lighting at home without any gear. And I always missed the sun when it was the best time to shoot a portrait. 

So now that I have the lights, I am happy, beyond happy actually. I feel blessed and contented.

See the square soft box in my eyes?

Many friends commented that I don't smile in pictures. Honestly I think I look better posing cool. Hehe. 

And I have many ideas in my mind that I wish to create on somebody, maybe myself, my family or my friends. If you think my last self portrait, Oriental, is crazy enough... you'll see. If I have more free time you might see them here. IF. 

When I was taking these pictures my sister gave me that unbelievable look. There were questions in her eyes asking, "YOU NEED OR NOT?" and gave me that quizzical look. I don't blame her. Next time I must really show you how I shoot my own portraits. It's a complicated process. 

I went to KL Photography Festival yesterday and was very inspired by these artsy and observant people who translate a precious moment magically into something that other people can see and feel although we're not there at that scene. And most of them not only create beautiful photographs, they bring important messages behind these images. So a photo is not just a photo, if you look careful enough, there's a story behind it waiting to be discovered.

Photography as a hobby was unexpected for me. One day my dad brought back a DSLR and totally changed the way I look at things. I looked at a flower and just thought it was nice. Now when I look at a flower, in my mind quickly I will picture how I will capture their beauty and think of a caption. I'll start admiring how they could ever grow so gorgeously from the mud. I don't share all my photos but each series of them does have a caption or story of their own.

I enjoy the whole process.

Oh did I mention that my mum loves taking photos too? She supports what I like to do and even made a reflector out of cardboard. When your family and friends support what you like, you know you're a lucky one.

Once again, thank you girls for showering me with your love and support. =)

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