Dataran Merdeka Heritage Guided Tour

I went to the free Dataran Merdeka Heritage Guided Tour. Details will be at the bottom of this post.

If you are a foreigner, I highly recommend you to join this tour. The reasons are: 
  1. It's FREE!  
  2. You will know the brief history and diversity of the country, which will definitely make you understand and like the country more. 
  3.  If you just walk around the tourism spots by yourselves, probably you'll just snap a few pictures and leave without knowing much about the places, but here at the tour, the tour guide will bring you and tell interesting stories that you can't find on any travel flyers.

I knew about this tour last year in MATTA fair and ever since I was so keen to join. Unfortunately most of my friends think they know enough of their country and wouldn't want to see these places again. Hey, think again.

If you are a Malaysian, you should join this tour. The reasons are: 
  1. They tell you stories you never study in books. Exactly. I didn't know that Brickfields are named so because that was the place to produce bricks for Sultan Abdul Samad Building. 
  2. They bring you to places that normally forbid public visitors. We went into Sultan Abdul Samad building where it's presently used as the Ministry of Tourism office. 
  3. You get to know what happened before to Kuala Lumpur. I didn't know there was so many massive floods and fire occurred before.  
  4. You're a Malaysian and probably can't tell the history of the country properly. I was very embarrassed when my foreign friends asked simple questions about ethnicity and history. 

Let me just show you the photos that I took during the tour. The weather was extremely well, the sun was all glorious and the sky was intensely blue. None of this photos need to be retouched. So these photos truly represent the true beauty that you can see with your naked eyes.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

The tour is on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 9am-12pm. Just come to this building at 9am to register. Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is located next to the tallest flag pole. And this building was previously used as a printing company. I wrote about my last visit  here.

There were beautiful models of the city. 
Through these miniatures we could really see the city in a whole picture.

Dataran Merdeka

I have friends who have never stepped on the grass on Merdeka Square... Hmm...

VICTORIA FOUNTAIN. For years I didn't notice its existence and uniqueness. It has been here for perhaps a century already. Can you guess why it was built here? The answer surprised me. Hehe. Toss coins? Make wishes?

It wassssss.... tadaaa... for the horses! The British gentlemen used to travel in horses or carriages. This fountain was built to provide drinking water for the animals. 

JALUR GEMILANG. I think this is a pleasant mistake. I didn't rotate it. Seeing the flag pole upside down and the powdery clouds against the blue sky, not bad huh.

Every Monday morning there is a small official ceremony for changing the flag.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

This building was completed in 1896 and used as the British administrative office.

And until today the clock still chime beautifully.

Panggung Bandaraya

We were lucky enough to enter Panggung Bandaraya. 
And there were performers dancing in traditional costumes. 

Sometimes I really wonder from where they got the inspiration for Chinese costumes. There are many occasions where non-Chinese wear 'Chinese' costumes that no Chinese had worn. In this case, the guy wore head-to-toe kungfu suit as well as a 'fighting' head-band in bright blue. I mean, really? Chinese men all know kung fu and wear like that?

 Part of the roof of Panggung Bandaraya. Seeing it in real is more fascinating.

Other shots

 We also went to some other places but I'll skip those.

ROYAL SELANGOR CLUB was designated for rich, White gentlemen in those days. The vast field on Dataran Merdeka was a cricket field. I was imaging British gentlemen in handsome, dapper suit, sitting here elegantly drinking whisky and overlooking the beautiful clock tower.

Dayabumi and KL City Gallery

 Kuala Lumpur Library and the blue sky. 
Pardon my obsession over the sky but just how could the weather be so fine and beautiful?!

Registration can be done via email or be there at KL City Gallery at 9am. The tour is on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You will meet tourists from other countries, where all of you will be guided by a staff.

It takes about 3 hours to complete the tour. If you feel like leaving in the middle, feel free to do so. (But I don't recommend. The stories are so interesting and not to be missed!)

We always think of flying to other countries and wish to know more about them. Look back at what we have and ask ourselves, "Have you really seen them all already? Do you really know them? Will you appreciate them?"

By the way, do you know how Ampang township was started?   =)

I think the Sultan Abdul Samad building definitely stands out as one of the most beautiful monuments in the country. I was walking inside it listening to all its past glories, I felt amazed. It must have witnessed changes for the past hundred years, but still proudly it stands.



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  1. I'll bring 5 friends next June to KL and we'll join this free tour.
    Thanks for the report, Eve.


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