October 14, 2013

Religion and art are inseparable. I've seen some really beautiful architecture at holy places. For example, the beautiful stained glasses at St Mary's Cathedral KL, the magnificent pink mosque at Putrajaya, splendid interior inside the church at Myeongdong, Korea, the luxurious golden Buddhist temple at Bangkok and a peaceful zen-themed Buddhist meditation centre in Gwanghwado, Korea.

Recently I went to Nalanda Buddhist Society thanks to Baba and Grace who brought me there to see an art exhibition.   =)

Nalanda in Sanskrit means "insatiable in giving" (source here) , lotus or the knowledge giver (source here). In India Nalanda was the name for an ancient centre for higher learning between the fifth and twelfth century, and was an important education center for Buddhsim.

The 'temple' harmoniously incorporates Buddhism art, virtues and the Buddha's teaching into its interior design. From the clock, paintings on the wall, portraits of the spiritual teachers to the volunteers working there... the place gave me a strong impression of fine art, moral excellence and serenity.

Even the gold and red wall behind the Buddha are meaningful, they represent that the Buddha had attained enlightenment and turned his back against wealth and anger. When we the devotees are paying respect to the Buddha, we can remind ourselves that in the midst of dukkha  (suffering) and lust (such as money, fame), our teacher, the Buddha is in the middle to remind ourselves to keep practising his teaching and not losing our consciousness and inner peace.

It's a beautiful place.

It means

When there is virtue, there is wisdom. When there is wisdom, there is virtue. 

Flowers represent impermanence. From water, air, soil, sunlight and so many other causes, they bloom. We are also like the flowers. We receive many information, both good and bad, have sunny and rainy days, good and bad times, and through these processes of life, we bloom.

3357, Jalan 18/31, Taman Sri Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.


Nalanda Centre is open daily from 10am to 10pm, except Mondays.

When I see the Buddha sitting peacefully in the middle of the hall, I feel relaxed and humbled. He teaches me values of life and leads me out of darkness. My dear Buddha, thanks for being a great role model.  =)

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