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November 03, 2013

Photographer/ Wai Shan

Wow so this is like a confession.

It seemed like a distant past when I was eighteen. Seriously, I had maybe 50 pairs of shoes, 40 pairs of earrings, a huge wardrobe of clothes and drawers of random things bought because of a sudden adrenaline rush. Makeup, clothes, shoes and bags were my main concerns of life. 

I soon realized that they change with time. They are impermanent. Trend comes and goes, cosmetics expire, shoes and bags will be worn out. Because they change, I had to be constantly updated. I spent so much time and energy chasing them.  Hence my passion decreased.

And also I realized there are things that are more important and I am more passionate about.

Six years later, that bubbly pink girl still likes makeup and fashion, but the feeling's not as strong as before. 

Six long years have changed my appearance. Sometimes I miss those days when my eye bags weren't so big, skin wasn't as dry and smile lines weren't obvious. Also when we were younger we could stay up late every night and still look and feel good. But now most of us can't.

Apparently these changes not only happen to me but to my friends as well. Their appearance, views and attitude change. Some changed for the better, some become worse.

These friends who changed to be better are simply amazing - they look better when they age! They grow into new person that are much better, more confident and mature! Their habits and interest have changed, horizons broaden, life enriched.

You know what? I then realized that it wasn't really age that change them. They are older and better now because during their teenage years they were not themselves thanks to the wicked peer pressure. They were not confident, uncomfortable with themselves, agreed with everyone and followed anybody just to please everybody. Now that they grow, they develop self-confidence, be true to themselves and back to who they are.

This amazes me. I was chasing all those things not really because because I needed them or I liked them, but peer pressure. I wanted to look good and fashionable because it's the trend.

As we grow older now, we know what we want, who we are and  how we really feel. So we ditched all unnecessary stuffs and opt for the simple and true form: back to basic.

Exactly, back to basic.

That's why I like this portrait shot by my sister two days ago. It's very simple and natural, I didn't even try to crack a fake smile or pose awkwardly. Just simple and just myself.

I like that idea, just feeling comfortable in our own skin and look good.

I do hope that I can age gracefully and beautifully though my skin becomes saggy and my wrinkles more obvious with time.

So, seeing some beautiful people around me getting older and better,

I think beauty grows with age.

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  1. I think it's a very nice taken photograph. Your sister is good at it, and you definitely give a killer look there. One of the very few photos that easily capture the attention of people...couldn't help but to comment it here. A big thumbs up!


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