My K Town Story

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I'm so honoured to have Qiu Ying to share her photos and stories here. Not everyone can tell a good story with pictures but she could. 

A few months ago I was at a photography talk by Mr Khong Miaw Leong, a local renowned photographer. An audience asked him, "Which is more important? The camera, or the photographer?" He answered, "If he doesn't know anything about photography, a good camera is very important. If he knows about it, the photographer himself is more important. A good picture depends a lot on the one taking the photos. "

I agree, with money you can buy the best camera, but to take a beautiful photo that touches people's heart, it takes a lot more than just the gears : You gotta be observant, sensitive and have the ability to admire beauty around you. 

Sometimes beauty lies in the smallest things around us. And Qiu Ying magically makes everything seems to be so adorable and beautiful.

My K Town Story
Photos and stories by Qiu Ying

There is always a reason 
        for a piece of land to be kept in your memory.
I wrote this on Simple Route to summarize the three years of me living in Kuala Lumpur, and of me leaving my footprints in different places.

How would you describe this city? 

It might be her unpredictable weather, natural disasters or man-made accidents. Well yeah, in the eyes of the others, it seems like so. Every time I'm at my parents' house they will repeatedly remind me to 'Take care of yourself, be careful of your safety." 'Don't always go out. It's dangerous!" I'll just smile and nod. They are right got reminding me what's actually happening in this city, it's a dangerous place. However, 'dangerous' is not the only word to describe this city.

This is a story of me living in this indescribable city. Enjoy.

I thought I was walking on the streets of France.

And I realized: you'll be amazed by life itself if you make friend with it.
Beauty is everywhere.

Taken somewhere around Petaling Street.)

The most adorable scene of a city always hides in a corner where you might easily ignore.
For example that beautiful corner in a bookstore.

(Taken at the KL Commercial book store, Jalan Sultan.
Sadly things changed at Jalan Sultan and they moved, while only memory remains.)

Someone worked here and his first job of the day was, to open the wooden windows, 
for the first sunlight to shine onto the floor.

He waited, like everyone waiting.

(Taken by the roadside of Jalan Panggung, the old post office building.)

The early sunlight shines without knowing who is on the stage. 
No matter he is rich and famous, or poor and ordinary.

(Taken at Temple Xian Si Shiye, somewhere around Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, if I'm not mistaken. )

The pieces of fate were lined together with time, indicating the harshest truth of the world.

(Taken at the Xian Si Shiye Temple.)

Girls should somehow be as confident as her.

(A visit to the World Costume Dolls exhibition, National Textile Museum, 

after the working Saturday. None a single cent spent.)

Sometimes you need to become a traveler in your place in order to discover the different pictures of it.

(Taken at Dataran Merdeka.)

The sparkling stars in a city were planted on the ground, handmade by the people itself.

Sometimes I will have this rebellious thought: Can I just don't do anything today? I want to listen to the sea or stare at the stars... let my mind rest and my heart at peace.

(Taken at Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.)

This is something new for me, but something memorable for the elders. The Hainanese Chicken Chop.

Taken at Jalan Kamunting, near LRT Dang Wangi.

We live in the most unique scene in the foreigners' eyes, 
and yet we keep on admiring them, ignoring those we have.

Travel is not as romantic as people see it. It could be realistic if you take it as your lifestyle.

(Taken at Medan Pasar, infront of the former residence of Kapitan Yap Ah Loi.)

I was just amazed by this fabulous building when I first saw it. 
Could you imagine? This is actually a normal secondary school high above Bukit Nanas.

(Taken at Sekolah Menengah St. John, Bukit Nanas.)

Time flies and things never be the same again even in just a moment. 
We walked to slow down life, and captured whatever left in this so-called well-developed city.

I'm always thinking too much. 

(Taken by the roadside of Jalan Raja Abdullah, near Dang Wangi LRT station.)

Something about the town, my simple story, my simple map.

For every Malaysian.

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