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When traveling I always prefer seeing old things than new things. I've been to some modern places, they look great and magnificent but just... not so much to see besides concrete, marbles and glasses. A place with old things is authentic and charming. It has so much substance and many stories to tell. The ways people live, speak and eat are so new to me. I can't wait to explore more places of the world.

Yogyakarta is the opposite of concrete, marbles and glasses (for now). It's a photographers' heaven... I don't know how to explain this! 

It's very original, raw and authentic, very natural and unpretentious. 

The stalls near Borobudur.

Many people keep birds as their pet. I didn't really see any cat or dog.

Mortars and pestles carved from volcanic rock.

Love the colour combination.

Es Dawet, combination of cendol, gula jawa, palm sugar and coconut milk.

Traditional Javanese Dance.

Praktek Dokter. Their spelling is different from our Bahasa Melayu. 
By the way, APOTEK is very common in Jogja. Can you guess what it means? 

It actually means pharmacy. 
The word apotek was derived from Dutch (which occupied Indonesia), or Latin or Greek. 

At Malioboro, the most popular tourists' shopping heaven in Jogja. I bought batik here.
And it's very rare to see Chinese characters in Jogja.

One of the streets near Taman Sari (Water Castle). I like that white shirt.

Ramayana show. It was magnificent!

It's a combination of traditional Javanese gamelan music, costumes and dance. Fantastic show!

This is a common sight in Jogja. Motorbikes and trishaw (beca). 

Traveling is always fun. It reminds me that the world is big and I shall never stop learning.

Yogyakarta Travel Diary

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