January 16, 2014
Penang Island
Penang IslandPenang Island Penang IslandPenang Island Penang Island
Penang Island Penang Island
 Penang Island
Penang Island Penang Island Penang Island
Penang Island
Penang IslandPenang Island Penang IslandPenang Island

♥ Penang Island!

It's been a year I last went to Penang and this time she amazed me. She is now a mix of modern and old, business and art, giving me the similar impression of Busan and the unknown streets of Seoul. 

I like old things, and vintage junks, and cafes, and paintings, music -  they form the soul and uniqueness of a city. I'm glad that Georgetown is rising to be that unique place - well at least to me. And I secretly hope that it will remain extraordinary as it is, it's enough hipsterly and cool just what she is now. Please don't be over-developed and commercialized like Kuala Lumpur, who's now losing her soul.

I'll be back, and for the one thousandth time, I want to say : one day I want to move to Penang, or anywhere near the beach.

P/S: There's not much update on this blog recently but I hadn't given up on blogging! It's just that life has been so full and challenging recently that I could hardly squeeze time to write a proper post. After all quality is more important than quantity, this is what I insist and wish for Evetopia. The aftermath of not blogging? So many thoughts and ideas churning in my head and thousands of unshared photos in my SD cards. So if I have a few minutes in between of gaps I'll Instagram, see you there @evewaikuan.

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