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February 08, 2014

This must be by far the messiest and most honest post I've ever done. 

This little utopia of mine, this domain with the name Evetopia is turning 1 this February. Actually I started blogging in the era of MySpace (remember it?) and I was either complaining about a friend or writing random teenager's nag on the blog. And then on 2011 I moved to Blogpost with the name Utopia and then I wanted a change. It morphed into this.

I'm actually feeling excited for this anniversary. It's a milestone to show that 1) I didn't give up blogging. 2) I said I wanted to learn photography and I did. Here's my favourite platform to share my photos. Posting them in bulk in Social Media is not my thing. 3) It's a good place to share my inner thoughts. 4)I looked back at the past year and saw changes, both in myself and also my way of photography.

In this post, I'm experimenting some new ways of shooting and editing. The photos are not uniform, messy and random. 

Each image represents a letter in the word EVETOPIA. These words, these images represent this blog and its main elements. These elements are the important pillars of this little world of mine.


Most of my photography subjects (including myself) are female. They are young, beautiful and fresh, and I wish to show those good qualities in pictures. There are two considerations when I am shooting a portrait: 1) The photos should portray their air and grace. 2) They will not regret when they see their photos again twenty years later. True story. Sometimes I look back at my own photos when I was 16, it's terrible and embarrassing. 

By elegance I do not mean being extremely girly, demure or luxurious. I mean the girls, or the boys have to at least look classy and decent, and if possible, artistic and timeless. For example I was shooting some oriental cheongsam photos for my friends, I need to avoid making them looking like this or this. Let some other photographers or models do that. Or my friends will probably feel rather embarrassed when they looked back at the photos when they are 50. 


These are the things I value the most: happiness, people, nature, home. The true value of life lies in the things around you, the things that you already have. And I appreciate that.


If you think I'm a girly, rosy, romantic, fragile kind of person, you are probably mistaken by all those deceiving profile pictures of mine. I mean, yeah, deceiving. It's time to show you my weirdo and eccentric side. Ha ha ha. There are probably thousands of photos in my SD card that are weird and random, not shared yet or even, shouldn't be shared. 

Thank you!

I'm extremely grateful for people who actually spend time reading my blog. Gosh as the author I don't even dare to look back to my own random unimportant things that I thought was so important and dared to share with the world. Thank you for saying kind words to me. Thank you for trusting me in taking your portraits. Thank you for your support, your kindness and enthusiasm. Thank you for sending emails to me. Thank you for dropping by! I appreciate it very much. It intrigues me that someone will actually come and read... the feeling's weird but amazing.


As an introvert I prefer thinking than talking, and that also means most thoughts are kept only in my head and nobody else can see it. This blog is a channel to express that. 


This hobby, honey, has given me great satisfaction and amusement. In this photo the scribbles on my forehead and temple are actually CAPTURE LIFE written by my brother and mother. Photography has taught me tremendous things, I learn from big life events to small beautiful creatures at the road site, and tiny things that I would have had ignored. Photography also helps me to get closer to my family and friends. It's just been ... awesome. Please, let me know if you are interested to let me take your portraits. I would love that.


Messy and full. This photo totally illustrates what's going on in my mind. The colourful threads and knots start forming in my head after I read an interesting blog post of others', look at a beautiful photo at Instagram or pin something cute on Pinterest. And the imagination starts to run wild. Sometimes I wish I am better at painting so that these images can be expressed visually. Most of the portraits in Faces were shot with an idea in mind first, then I find time to do it. 


Before I venture into the world of science and becoming a scientist, I used to think, dream and plan to be a journalist for fashion magazines. It's truly because most of the materialistic things that I adore are highly related to the fashion industry.  Flowers, books, lipsticks, art pieces, styles, Lana Del Rey etc etc... which seems highly unrelated to the field of biology and molecules. Keeping this blog is a way to keep that dream alive.

Elegance, Value, Eccentric, Thank you, Open, Photography, Adore.

Looking back at the past year, it's been great.  Let's see what more we can do for 2014.

Thanks for reading. Really, thank you. 

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