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April 05, 2014

Dear all you lazy fat ass,

Dear all my lovely readers,

Just wondering when was the last time you exercised?

I'll admit, I'm a lazy couch potato that refuse to leave my chair and get my body moving. And just like everybody else I love eating cakes, cookies, chocolate (come on who doesn't?), AND I never exercise.

Let me guess, you are probably in your mid 20s, approaching your 30s? Notice that your metabolism had gone down recently? And you just can't fit into the same pair of jeans anymore which you used to think it's loose... And you stop laughing at people for having a big belly because when you're sitting it's obvious that the same has happened to you. And you're wondering where do all these flabby saggy flesh come from? No they were not here! And they are not supposed to be here.

So apparently some of my friends notice where my sedentary lifestyle is leading me, possibly after seeing me getting older and fatter, they decided to drag me along for swimming and jogging.

I recently joined The Music Run, the first run I had ever joined. It wasn't bad, the weather was good, the grass was beautiful. Despite the technical problems of the event itself, the run brought me satisfaction. Not that the 5km run haunted me, but I doubted myself. I was impatient, unwilling to start training and just wanted to muddle along. I was also curious to know my stamina and my own determination to complete the race by running as much as I can. I wanted to know how far I could run and how I felt after running.

I felt okay.This little sense of satisfaction rises from a little first step that leads to a change. I bid goodbye to my bad old passive lifestyle.

Well at least one Sunday was spent right. Or else I'll probably sleep until noon, lie on the bed and watch something funny on Youtube. Or I might be busy stuffing something sinfully sweet into my mouth in a cafe.

So the latter didn't happen so I sincerely want to thank all my friends who encouraged me to register for this run, trained with me and motivated me. =)

Last 3 photo credits to Kenneth Kok

We, yes I mean me and you, better start moving today. Good luck. =)

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