The legendary Kemasik. My Road Planner mentioned that Pantai Kemasik is the best beach on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. I agree. I've heard Mr. 卓衍豪 mentioned about it and I'm so glad I was finally here. 
We drove around half an hour from Cherating to Kemaman for lunch, and then another half an hour up to the north to Pantai Kemasik. Secluded, quiet and not popular -yet, this beach was beyond my expectation. It has rocky shoreline, cliffs and fine sand, as well as the amazing skyline. The specialty of this place is actually the sand dune, which its shape changes according to the monsoon and wind. According to My Road Planner, in February and March the sand dune builds up and a truck could run on it, and it starts to collapse on July or August. You can see on my third photo in which Mei May and I were standing in front of the collapsed sand dune.
And the best part of going to the beach was of course with my best friends. Thanks for being together. xx

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