Ally's wedding

November 10, 2014

Photos by me and a pro event photographer

When I was young (12 years old?), I thought I wouldn't meet anyone and nobody would ever want me. I'll have to live alone, old and solitary. How prudent and sensible I was! Incidentally my dear cousin and my childhood friend, Ally had the same prophesy about her future. She also thought that she would be single forever so we made a firm agreement that we will buy a house and stay together. It will be our small and cozy (hopefully not grumpy) old maid's cottage or 姑婆屋. I guess I need to find another housemate now. Ally is married.

Her wedding was an extraordinary and memorable experience for all of us. It's honestly my very first time attending a Hindu wedding ceremony and seeing all the rituals outside a Bollywood movie. It was colourful, delighting and musical as expected, which I find it interesting for being so different from a Chinese wedding. Thrill, excitement and curiosity filled the temple. We, the girls even got Bindi on our forehead to 'get the feel' and compensate the fact that we were 'underdressed'. I should have borrowed colourful saree from someone and worn lots of golden jewelleries!!!

Basically there're prayers and chanting by the priest, and also blessings by all the family members. The couple was showered with vibrant flower petals and rice which are symbols for blessings and prosperity.  That night I witnessed the wedding of my childhood friend and dear cousin. It was an important moment for the union of two families, races and religions. Beautiful wedding. 

A close friend of mine is currently dating an Indian boyfriend and she is worried about how people around her react to the relationship. We are always talking about kindness, love and equality but ironically interracial marriage is still a taboo. My cousin Ally and her husband Suresh just show that in the name of love, it's possible to overcome challenging circumstances, convince loved ones and enjoy the blessings. Love knows no boundaries.

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