Here comes the bride!

November 13, 2014
All photos taken by event photographers

I don't usually share photos of my family here on the blog to respect their privacy, but these wedding photos are too good and I need to share them with you. It doesn't happen always that we all look good in photos. Event photography is very difficult and I think the photographers definitely did a great job.

Ally's wedding dinner, September 2014

and single.

Besides the ceremony at the Hindu temple, we had a lovely wedding dinner at Concorde Hotel. Everyone dressed up to celebrate the delighting occasion, even my 90-year-old grandma was having a good time. I genuinely liked and enjoyed the ambience of the wedding. Ally's wedding dresses were stunning and flattering, very classy and elegant; the atmosphere was easy and relaxed, my close relatives were there, my dearest cousin getting married to a fine man, we were all dolled up looking great... it was a good night. 

P.S. you gotta look at my family in the last photo. My mum (third from the left in case you're mistaken and I'll be mad) looked half her age and glowing like a young woman next to my gorgeous dad. Her three daughters had to think twice before posing next to her, fearing that we might look older and duller. Okay I did look older in that hair and black dress compared to my mum who's wearing a mini dress. Let's hope that we can look as good as my mum when we're fifty! Also, let's hope me and my sisters will also find some good men and have weddings as beautiful as this. Congratulations Ally and Suresh!  xx

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