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November 10, 2014

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Amal Alamuddin
Many people recognize Amal Alamuddin as the wife of Mr. George Clooney, the former most desirable bachelor in Hollywood. The couple sure garnered a lot of attention with their stunning and glamorous looks. The truth is, Amal has got more than what it takes to be called 'the lucky woman'. At 36 years old, she's an internationally acclaimed barrister, renowned for her active involvement in international refugee and human rights movements. She definitely has an incredible CV, go watch her interviews on Youtube about human rights and international affairs, she impressed me. Educated, independent, confident and successful, the media had sung praises about her high-flying career.

As if women are not jealous enough of her achievement, she's got style baby. She's elegant and classy, confident and beautiful, professional and feminine. All the goodness comes in a package. Her attires to courts were gorgeous but the one impressed me the most is her white pantsuit and her matching hat. Her elegance and grace are charming, maybe we can learn from her style. Undeniably our outfit influence our own mood and presentation. Let's be a classy and successful career lady!

I notice that she always opt for simple items with sleek cutting and minimalism. Based on her looks, I've created 3 styles using items on ZALORA to achieve that classy look.

Style 1: Blouse & pants
A comfy simple blouse and a pair of sleek, fitting pants for the professional look.
Pakaian wanita from ZALORA

Style 2: Peplum shirt x textured jackets x pastel
Tone down the usual black and white with the flowy peplum and softness of pastel lilac.
Pakaian wanita from ZALORA

Style 3: Maxi dresses
Not only comfortable, elegant and feminine as well as adding a pop of cheerfulness.
Pakaian wanita from ZALORA

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