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December 11, 2014
My family and I went for a road trip starting from Kuala Selangor all the way north to Ipoh. It's been an incredible journey and I'm beyond happy and satisfied. =) We even went to some significant places that I'd dreamt about visiting!!!!!! I'm a lucky girl, thanks to my parents and my sister who are willing to go a little crazy with me. Here's some of the best shots from the journey.

This magnificent sunset... we were on the way from Sitiawan to Taiping along Route 60, which took around 2 hours. This amazing view was spotted not far from the huge shipyard in Lumut. I couldn't stop snapping photos... the colours were too vibrant and powerful to ignore.

Pangkor. Honestly the sea was beyond my expectation. You know how beaches on the west coast always have a bad reputation right? But when I was standing there under the sun at noon, looking at this invincible and calming sea, I knew that Pangkor really lives up to the name as one of the best in the west coast. At the same time we couldn't feel sorry for it... Pangkor can be much cleaner and better.

Sekinchan. Beautiful paddy fields. It's a wonderful sight to see a vast field of golden paddy and the wide blue sky. 

The serene Taiping Lake

Victoria Bridge, Kuala Kangsar. one the first railway bridges in Malaysia. Built from 1897 to 1900. The bridge is not in use anymore, since  a new bridge was built nearby. Since then, Victoria lives quietly in this quiet village, accompanied by the sunset, abandoned and forgotten. 

Kamo Home, a homestay I'd always wanted to go. It's a pleasure staying with the lovely couple, Kamo and Xiuli. Located in Kampung Baru Sauk, near Kuala Kangsar.

Tasik Raban, Lenggong, north Perak.

I hope I can edit the photos and share them here before the year ends!! Then I can really make a recap for all the places I've been this year and start planning for 2015. Let's see where I can go with such minimum income as a postgrad student.

Hopefully this will inspire you to travel more in the country. There're a lot of hidden gems to be discovered, trust me. I have just found a few. Have a wonderful weekend! =D

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