Feeling Inspired At Typica Pudu

February 12, 2015
I read an article in SOMETHING magazine about Typica Cafe 豆原 and their carefully selected coffee beans. It struck me that our local coffee farming business is in a difficult and challenging situation. The article was written by the founder of Typica, Sum Leong who said that "she lives and breathes coffee". No doubt her cafes are known for their premium quality of coffee and amazingly good cakes.

These days people do not usually talk about quality, people care only about profit margin and quantity. For the past few years there's this crazy cafe-hopping frenzy that attacks KL. Honestly some of them are just overrated, overpriced and blah.

Typica seems like an extraordinary one, they care very much about quality. 

We walked into the little shop on a Sunday afternoon and immediately noticed a room full of coffee enthusiasts. People were happily chatting and eating and the baristas just couldn't stop their hands brewing coffee and serving cakes. Sunlight shined through the window. The whole shop smelled incredibly good with the coffee.


We ordered a slice of Mango cake, a coffee egg and a cup of 椰糖冰酿咖啡 (gula Melaka iced coffee....?). I am impressed.

The mango cake was light and refreshing, with a thin crust on the bottom. Addition of passion fruit really contrastly brings out the flavour of sweet mango. The egg, infused beautifully with coffee, tasted refreshing too. I don't know how they make that egg yolk tasted like subtle coffee dessert. Just how?

The elegant glass of 椰糖冰酿咖啡 (gula Melaka iced coffee....?) was tasty and unique. I think the brewing process was elaborate, you can talk to their barista to know how it is done. Subtle, smooth and comfortable was all I felt. I am not a big fan of strong coffee. You have to try this if you want a cool refreshing drink.


Their menu is on the wall.

I like their simple and natural ambience. The wooden furniture, the decor, the people all combine and create a warm atmosphere here, unpretentious and comfortable. I can really read all day here. 

My friend, Qiu Ying works as a barista in the cafe. She is definitely one of a kind. Typica Pudu is closing soon, in March actually. Right after that she has got a job as an editor. I think she has the best jobs - with food and journalism - two jobs I wish I had the guts to pursue. 

I talked to Qiu Ying, her colleague and two other guests in the cafe. Seriously I am so grateful I decided to pop in this afternoon. These people are so fresh, daring and inspiring. In my current situation and at my age, just when I thought I'd missed the opportunity to pursue my dreams, they pop in like fresh flowers and bring sunshine into the room.

Qiu Ying suggested that me and her work on a collaboration. Of course I said yes. In my heart, I am prancing and twirling my dress like a happy little girl. 

Let me keep this as a secret and share with you when it is confirmed. I AM SO HAPPY!!

Typica Pudu 
Address: Shaw Parade Plaza, Kuala Lumpur
Business hour:
Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Facebook: Typica Pudu


This is not just a place for coffee and cakes, this is a place to meet like-minded people. I had to keep clam and not hug Qiu Ying. She just inspired me to do what I always wanted - writing.

If you always want to do something, but feel discouraged and alone, look around, maybe there are like-minded people around you. Meet them, do it and good luck!
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