Road Trip on West Coast

February 24, 2015

We had time for a 4 days 3 nights trip. I wanted to visit northern Perak where I'd never visited before. My dad insisted we should go to Sekinchan and southern Perak. He's been talking about it for ages. We came up with a brilliant solution : go both.  


Here's our route, all in 4 days 3 nights:

Kuala Lumpur → Bukit Melawati → Sekinchan → Teluk Intan → Sitiawan → Pangkor Island → Taiping → Kuala Sepetang → Kuala Kangsar → Sauk → Ipoh → Kuala Lumpur 

I'll tell you more about it in this post. 

Basically we follow the map and traveled all the way to the north. Our main reference was my dad's map book which has the overview map of every state in Malaysia. I like it because we could really plan the route properly. 

Using Waze and Googling every single time is useful but risky. In some small towns in Perak, internet didn't work at all. Plus I like things in paper where I can doodle.

My other reference is a book called 发现大马 (Discover Malaysia) written by Chok Yen Hau 卓衍豪. He has traveled almost every single corner in Malaysia. Following his guide can't be wrong. In fact, after listening to one of his talks where he said Kemasik was one of the most gorgeous beach in West Malaysia, I went to Kemasik last year. I wasn't disappointed. Kemasik was awesome.

Before I go into the details of every place, you might want to read the first post of this series where I shared some of the best shots of the road trip. 


The main idea of this post is to share with you some interesting highlights of each place, I wish to share more photos and information for each place but if I really do that, this post will be enormously long. 

Every town has its signature dish. Check out other food blogs to know more about foodies. We are more interested in scenery than food. My parents, my sister and I are most of the time, vegetarians. 

To tell you the truth, these little towns are plain, ordinary and old. They do not have strange architecture, weird headlines, mysterious stories or any sort like that. They do not have loud characteristics like Georgetown or Ipoh, but they certainly are beautiful. 

We made quick stop in every town. In fact you can plan a full trip on each place and enjoy a slower and thorough trip.

There's always a surprise in every place that made me question, "Okay so I'm a Malaysian how come I didn't know this?" There's always something interesting that made me feel, "Luckily I decided to come here."



Bukit Melawati was an administrative and military center in the late 18th and early 19th century. A lighthouse, forts, cannons and many other historical places still stand tall on the hill, signifying the unforgotten history of the battle between the Selangor Sultanate and the Dutch army. Apart from the historical values, you get an excellent panoramic view of Selangor coastline. 

What surprised me the most was the large troop of silver-leafed monkeys and long-tailed macaques here. Seriously there're hundreds of monkeys hanging around you and trust me, they are not intimidating at all. They are friendly creatures. Just buy some peanuts and beans from the vendors and feed them. They will gently come and ask food from you.


Everybody knows Sekinchan. Apparently it has become a favourite one-day-tour spot. Besides paddy, they have good mangoes and corns too.


I want to thank my friends Shi Ying and Yong Hao for bringing me to Teluk Intan. I was skeptical when I first heard about the leaning tower but I am now convinced that the tower is in fact slanted. 
Admission is free. The opening hours of the tower is 8am to 5pm on weekdays; 9am-6pm on weekends and public holidays.


We were on the way from Sitiawan to Taiping along Route 60, which took around 2 hours. This amazing view was spotted not far from the huge shipyard in Lumut. I couldn't stop snapping photos... the colours were too vibrant and powerful to ignore.


Everybody knows Pangkor Island. I have to say I was very impressed by her bright blue sea. I've written about Pangkor here.


I like the swaying willow trees and serenity of the lake. I like how the locals embrace the beauty of the lake. Other attractions include the Perak Museum and Antong Coffee Factory, but I think the lake is the best. Having a picnic here would be a brilliant idea.


Kuala Sepetang 十八丁 is so popular recently thanks to its fishing industries and fresh seafood. The place was featured several times in Chinese newspaper, that's how I got to know it. The charcoal factory was so remarkably huge and impressive. 


Underrated is the world I would use to describe Kuala Kangsar. She has some of the best spots here but unfortunately she is not well-known.

If I have time, I want to write a full blog post to convince you why I think she's beautiful. 

The first photo below is the Victoria Bridge, one the first railway bridges in Malaysia. Built from 1897 to 1900. The bridge is not in use anymore, since  a new bridge was built nearby. Since then, Victoria lives quietly in this quiet village, accompanied by the sunset, abandoned and forgotten. 

Masjid Ubudiah in Kuala Kangsar, Perak is undeniably one of the most beautiful and majestic mosques I've ever seen. It reminded me of Princess Jasmine's palace in Aladdin. It was built in early 20th century by Sultan Perak as a token of gratitude to his religion upon his recovery from illness.

Pictured below is the Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah. This is one of the best museums I have seen in the country. The biography of the late Sultan was so well documented and preserved. The gallery was well-maintained and classy. I could feel the majesty and elegance of the royal family. Sorry to compare,but have you been to the Muzeum Istana at Jalan Istana, KL? This one in Kuala Kangsar is 10 times better than that. Not only it is classy and elegant, it represents the air and grace of the royal family.

Seriously, Kuala Kangsar is beautiful.


The only reason we came to Sauk was Kamo. I wrote about Kamo Home here. I'd been dreaming to come here for a looong time and finally I got to meet this inspiring couple. 

Kamo recommended us to visit Tasik Raban. It's calming.


Here's the outline of our road trip. I skipped listing every single place that we visited, wrote just the town names. Oh and I mentioned only lunch and dinner, but we actually did some shopping in between the tight schedule. =)

Kuala Lumpur → Bukit Melawati → Sekinchan → Teluk Intan → Sitiawan → Pangkor Island → Taiping → Kuala Sepetang → Kuala Kangsar → Sauk → Ipoh → Kuala Lumpur 

Day 1 : Bukit Melawati + Lunch in Sekinchan + Dinner in Teluk Intan + Stay overnight in Sitiawan
Day 2 : Breakfast in Sitiawan + Marina Island Jetty + Lunch in Pangkor + Dinner in Sitiawan + Stay overnight at Taiping
Day 3 : Breakfast in Taiping + Lunch in Kuala Sepetang + Dinner and stay overnight in Sauk
Day 4 : Breakfast in Sauk + Sight-seeing in Kuala Kangsar + Late lunch in Ipoh + Back to KL


There it is, a brief introduction to the places we went in 4D3N. I certainly had a great time with my family! They are awesome travel companions. 

Countless hidden gems in the country are waiting for you to explore. Please consider local tourism. Not only it is friendly to your wallet, trust me, you will be so impressed. 

Drop me a message if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!  
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