Hi, my name is Eve.

April 02, 2015

This blog is 4 years old. And Evetopia is 2 years old since I bought the domain.

It's been a wonderful journey.Flash back to 4 years ago when I started this blog, I want to document my life in photos and words.  I want to be able to remember moments I spend with my family and friends. I want to see my own growth and progress in photography, emotions and experience. 

Writing has always be one of my passion. Thanks to this blog, I think I lived my dream as a journalist.


Hello, hello and hello! I appreciate every single person who drops by. Occasionally some friends read what I share here, and discuss with me what they think, it's truly a magical moment. 

It amuses me how people know me better through this website, especially new friends. This is insane. Insanely cool. Mind-blowingly cool. Haha haha. I am an introvert. I need some time to be close to people. And I don't conduct long conversations with new companion. I have a few blog posts about that (12)

It's not that introverts are not friendly, it's just that we prefer to express in other forms. And most of the time we are thinking about something and flying in our own world. That makes me look quite unfriendly and quiet. But my dear, quiet does not mean shy. Quiet does not mean passive. Quiet does not mean thoughtless or emotionless. 

Quiet means the power to listen, the power to observe, the power to think and reflect. 

Anyway, the point is, I was astonished and embarrassed at the same time when strangers come and talk to me about what they read here. I was pleasantly surprised.

My dear reader, I would like to listen to you and talk to you. My name is Eve, nice to meet you. =)

Some photos from last year as I wrote a post for Evetopia's 1 year old. The post is here.


As I said, blogging brings my dream to live. I have a platform to express, to learn and to explore the various possibilities with writing, with my photos, within places I travel, within myself.

Squeezing time to write and edit photos is difficult yet therapeutic. It has helped me in so many positive ways. Writing helps me to express my ideas better, improve my photography skills, push me to learn HTML and get more friends. Bingo!

I even got amazing opportunity to collaborate with some awesome people. Oh hey I even got the fantastic chance to be involved in the launch of a travel magazine! 

But honestly, keeping a blog is not easy. There is a thin line between sharing publicly and disclosing my own privacy. The fact that strangers will come and read the blog, appalls me and scares me at the same. I can't write as open as before. But I hope I can maintain a voice of authenticity here. I am still finding the balance. 


A lot of people find reading and writing the most boring things to do on the planet. I heard it myself from a few cool people who despise words like aliens and terrorists. They prefer visuals, imagery and sounds to bring excitement to them. 

I respect that choice. I suppose they are not readers of this blog but let me just do a shout-out: you don't have to come and tell me "books are useless" "who wants to read books" "I want to sleep whenever I need to read".

In this digital era, of course there are uncountable resources of videos, songs and graphics... but still, a large number of good resources are in words. For example, critics, news, tutorials, academic journals, great articles... are in words. 

I think reading and writing are still, very important skills. I use the word "skill" because they need practices, they need investment of time and effort.

Through reading, you stand on shoulders of giants. 

You learn the summary of people's experience and valuable knowledge. You see things from different perspectives. You know the world is big. 

Through writing, you bring the benefits of reading the next level.

This might sound a little boastful but the past few years of writing has changed me, a lot. 

I find writing and editing photos therapeutic. It helps me tremendously in thinking. Writing helps to speak better, improve choice of words, shape mind, broaden horizons, gain knowledge. And most importantly, express. 

I have a few friends who can paint and sketch. My queen Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift are amazing talented people who express thoughts and feelings via music. They transform their vision and ideas into an art form, especially Lana Del Rey, her songs are addicting. 

The process of transforming observations and thoughts into an expression involves so many fascinating details. You really look into things mindfully, attentively, and then you realize so many amazing things about people, places, art, time, geography, history... and yourself. Your own self that you need to meet and communicate everyday.

You gotta find a way to arrange your thoughts and express yourself.

Do you understand yourself? Have you ever listened to your heart? Do you know yourself as good as how you expect people to know you?

In the process of expressing, you are having a conversation with yourself. You are trying to understand and listen to yourself. When you are not distracted, and only focus on this conversation, you will get to know so many secrets and hidden emotions inside your busy little heart.

I think musical talent is a stupendous way to express but sadly I couldn't sing. It's okay, I can do photography and writing.


This is one of the books I read recently. The title is "The inevitable dilemmas of people in their mid twenties". This book is ironically funny and true. 

I am in my mid twenties. I have tonnes of dilemmas. So are my friends. A few of us are in constant and deep conversation to help each other in managing bottlenecks, conflicts and doubts in relationship, dreams, career, finance and basically everything in life. To have such wonderful companions to talk and exchange ideas... I am a lucky girl. We are inspiring and motivating each other to transform "the awful" into "the awesome".

I've seen many of my friends sink in endless cycle of complaints and despair. It's heartbreaking to see them giving themselves up and delving into the dark world of low self esteem and autopilot life.

Stop complaining and comparing, you. Do it.

Life is about expanding your own comfort zone. Again, stop complaining and comparing, you. Do it.

Ohh I have a long list.

Maybe it's an introvert thingy but I am really constantly thinking of something, some new ideas, some crazy things I want to do. I list them all down and I ask myself, "Why?" "Is it worth my time?" "Is this going to be useful to myself? To other people?" "Are people going to laugh at this?"

A few things are shortlisted and approved (by myself) after questioning their importance and values. Some are under progress with the help of family and friends. Some will have to wait.

All in all, I am pushing myself like mad (without compromising happiness, sleep and health) to do as much as I can. Let's see what'll happen.

I like this quote.

Let's do this. Practice. Create an ideal life.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you find your passion. I hope you can achieve your dreams.

Hi, my name is Eve. Thanks for coming into my life. I love you and I wish you all the best.   
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