June 16, 2015

This is my second time helping friends to take graduation photos and wondering when it'll be mine. My sister Wai Shin and her fellow coursemates wanted to have a photoshoot in their campus. It's my pleasure to be their photographer.

Obviously I've been to UPM many times to fetch my sister, attend my friend's convocation and all... but regardless how many times I go, lost in the compound and intimidated by its ridiculously huge campus size, there're still places I've not seen. There were at least 5 or 6 lotus ponds which I wish I had time to admire, several roads with beautiful big trees standing on both sides, countless big fields, fruit trees with flowers and of course, animals. We heard sounds of chicken fighting while we were shooting the last photo. A herd of cows was nibbling grass right next to us when we were shooting the first photo. It smelled a bit like zoo.

I'm sharing some of my favourite photos here. The theme of the day is youthful, colourful and cheerful. I had fun meeting these young and funny people, clearly their energy radiates through the photos. Unfortunately we could only spend three hours together, who knows, we could have done more fun things if we have another three hours. Thanks for that fun Saturday morning. =D

Photographer: Me          Editing: Me and Wai Shin

Good luck people. The future is yours.
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