Evetopia Floral Logo Stamp

September 24, 2015
evetopia logo handmade rubber stamp
If I am not a Biochemist, most likely I'll be a journalist or an artist, who occasionally set up a small store in art markets selling my own creation. That's if I'm not a scientist. Science suits me better and I know I can always be a part of the audience for artists and designers, who are walking the path I didn't choose. Admiring their work is both fascinating and comforting.

I've been thinking about having a better logo and a rubber stamp, for ages. 

evetopia logo handmade rubber stamp
Currently the logo for Evetopia is a photo of a rose which I took in Cameron Highlands, and I simply put a letter "E" on top. That's what happen when a scientist wants to do designing.

By chance, my amazing friend Qiu Ying introduced me to Shane's Stamps, which is run by her friend Shane. Again, all these interesting people tend to flock together. Shane does design and handmade rubber stamps - perfect!

The idea for my order comes from various logos I saw in Pinterest. The theme is floral, round, subtle, and a raw touch with handwritten font. After a short discussion, she knew exactly what I wanted, sent me a sketch of her own design and voila, the masterpiece is born.

evetopia logo handmade rubber stamp
One of the inspiration. Source: Pinterest / Miss Poppy Design

evetopia logo handmade rubber stamp
The stamp turned out to be gorgeous. Not only it arrived in an adorable and sincere packaging, the stamp itself is impressive. There are so many details in the mere 5cm x 5cm area: flower petals, leaf veins, a serif letter "E", cursive "Evetopia", serif "Life - Photo"...  It'd taken so much of her time and heart to make this and I definitely appreciate it. It's worth my every cent!! 

To have a logo properly designed, normally it costs a fortune - ranging from below hundred, hundreds to thousands, depending on the designer. To have a stamp of this size carved by machine, it costs between RM40-70. 

A machine-made stamp will be more precise and clean... but robotic. I prefer a handmade one. It's more delicate and crafty. For this stamp I spent RM50-60, including the fee for custom design by Shane herself.

evetopia logo handmade rubber stamp
As for what I want to do with this stamp, hmm... I have a few ideas churning in my head. 

Hey, hope you'll also have a little something to cheer you up! Have a wonderful, wonderful week! 

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