Kuala Lumpur Half Day Tour (Route)

September 17, 2015
Explore Kuala Lumpur - Cultural Trip

Recently we went on a Kuala Lumpur Half Day Tour, here's the route for it. It seems like we walked a good distance, but in fact, these places are near to one another. We stopped by for snacks, and at each stop we had a rest and talked to the locals. It didn't really feel like we had spent too much energy at all.

We covered different aspects: food, religion, culture and technology. If you are interested, here's the few places we went, it's a pretty smooth route:

  1. Hor Kao Kopitiam 何九茶店, Lorong Panggong 
  2. Chan See Shu Yuen Temple 陈氏书院 
  3. Gurdwara Sahib Polis, Jalan Balai Polis 
  4. Sri Mahamariamman Temple
  5. Sin Sze Si Ya Temple 仙四师爷庙, Leboh Pudu
  6. St. John's Cathedral, Jalan Gereja 
  7. Muzium Telekom, Jalan Raja Chulan 

Snapshot from Google Maps
Explore Kuala Lumpur - Cultural Trip

For unknown reason I feel impeccably cool to be able to embed this actual map from Google Maps in this blog. You can click on it and zoom. Very cool!

Actual, Embedded Route from Google Maps. You can click through to check the exact direction. 

  • Besides foods and snacks, the only thing that you have to spend money on... is the entrance ticket to Muzium Telekom, which is RM6 for Malaysian. We got a group bargain, which was RM4 per ticket, including a guided tour. Iskandar is a very friendly staff.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, preferably long pants. Yu He, who was wearing shorts, was asked to wear a sarong while entering Sri Mahamariamman Temple. 
  • We have to take off our shoes at Gurdward Sahid Polis and Sri Mahamariamman Temple.

He Jiu Kopitiam
Chan See Shu Yuen Temple

Talk to the locals. The staffs in temples, churches and museums are generally good and kind people. They are proud of what they do, and will be more than happy to share what they know. They are glad that more individuals, especially young people, get to know their culture, religion and history so that the piece of puzzle will not be forgotten by time.

Be nice. Be friendly. Go with an open mind.

Gurdwara Sahib Polis Jalan Balai Polis Kuala Lumpur
St. John's Cathedral
Explore Kuala Lumpur - Muzium Telekom

Maybe travel when the haze crisis is over? Have a good week!

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