Kluang and Chamek

November 18, 2015
Kluang and Chamek Johor Road Trip
I was standing on the wooden platform of Chamek Old Railway Station. Behind me, Grace and Pey Sien were talking about green building. Simple life. Photo by Qiu Ying.

Kluang and Chamek Johor Road Trip
Our trip to Chamek was good too. It's a quiet and isolated town, seems to be forgotten by time.

Qiu Ying and I traveled together again. Well not only me and her actually, we had Grace, Kent, Pey Sien and Ah Ru with us. This is my first visit to Kluang, Johor. Qiu Ying is currently working at a homestay in the town called No. 57 Homestay, 主人不在家 . You can visit their Facebook page to see how well she manages it. It's a lovely, spacious and cozy home. 

Kluang and Chamek Johor Road Trip
Little decoration

Kluang and Chamek Johor Road Trip
It's currently the rainy season. Most of the time in the afternoons, we were either reading, lazing around, eating red bean pastry or drinking coffee. Yes I know I know, it sounds unrealistically poetic and artistic, but that's basically what we did. Qiu Ying and Kent are avid and skillful coffee admirers. We learned so much just by listening to their conversation and watching their live performance. They laid out a table full of brass equipment and glass apparatus for different brewing methods, not forgetting the best part, coffee beans of different origins. They taught us how to appreciate the difference and uniqueness of the beans. 

I don't think my photos really depict how comfortable and relaxing those afternoons were. It's just wonderful. Perhaps you can try to imagine this - reading a good book while sitting on a soft chair in a house filled with coffee aroma. And it's raining outside.

Kluang and Chamek Johor Road Trip
Two nights before the trip, Qiu Ying and I had a telepathic moment - we wanted to make video of this trip. We usually take photos but we both wished to try something new. Documenting the journey in motion and keeping the good times in animated form are fun! In fact we got a lot more footage than the ones you see in these short clips and we put in the best ones.

Kluang Travel Dairy
旅人日誌 / / 居鑾好生活#Evetopia 的Eve與朋友們到居鑾來找,臨時起意決定收集一些旅途中的小片段,好剪輯出一個短小的旅人日誌,以稍微動感的方式記錄我們的旅程。這不管對Eve或者我來說都是全新的體驗,儘管只是一個簡單的短片,但是大家一起由零開始把短片完成的感覺還真不錯~感謝一眾成就這個 #旅人日誌 的朋友們,但願大家生活愉快、旅途愉快。***Travel Dairy / / Simple Life x KluangTogether with Eve from Evetopia and also other friends, we have created our first travel dairy about Kluang. It was a record about the journey we shared, simple but precious.Good life. Cheers~#居鑾 #好生活 #旅圖 #短片 #主人不在家 #evetopia #simplelife #kluang #zhurenbuzaijia #homestay
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旅人日誌 / / 占美舊火車站三番四次帶著朋友尋路去看舊車站與火車軌,明明去了好多次卻總覺得不夠,每一次都還可以發現更多更多美麗的風景。短片裡大部分的片段都在占美火車站四周拍攝的。還在營運中的火車站通常禁止照相,但由於占美火車站早已棄用的關係,所以旅人攝者可以盡情地拍,把旅伴把自己的身影都好好的變成一幅彷彿電影海報般唯美的畫面。如果你也愛火車軌道與舊車站,占美會成為你的心頭愛。只是呀,這車站恐怕也抵擋不住發展的洪流,再過幾年還見不見得著,誰也不知道。(此外,正當我們沉醉於如此安逸的日子時,世界的另一端卻紛擾不斷、人們性命堪憂。這些令人心傷的消息總在提醒我要更珍惜當下,努力把美好與善的種子播散開來,與更多人分享。僅以此為所有的逝去哀悼、祈禱、與祝福。親愛的世界,請變得更有愛一些。)***TRAVEL DIARY / / CHAMEK RAILWAY STATIONChamek railway station, a railway station near Kluang, a soon-to-be-abandoned railway station, we had a lot of fun here. Special thanks to all those involved who made the TRAVEL DIARY possible.(While I was editing the video, I heard of several bad news from the other side of the world. All those news always remind me to appreciate the peaceful life that I could have for now. Pray for Paris, and also all those who are suffering.)#為生命祈禱 #旅人日誌 #舊火車站 #散步 #火車軌 #占美 #居鑾 #旅圖 #evetopia #traveldiary #chamek #railwaystation #kluang #simpleroute #prayforparis
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Honestly I felt surreal looking at these videos. Was that "Kluang Video Diary" really made in a few hours? We spent the short Sunday afternoon choosing footage, inserting music, solving technical difficulties and lazing around in the homestay.  When it's finally done, oh well I must say I felt quite accomplished. 

When the video was live on Facebook, we were having a supper feast and sipping chilled beer. "Really? Did we really make that just now? Did we just talk about the idea three days before and now we complete it already?!" I looked at these people sitting around me, amazed by how a coffee shop called Typica linked us together, amazed by how we kept in touch because of traveling, amused by how recent we knew one another and how comfortable I felt talking to them. Sometimes it's not about where you travel, it's about who you travel with.

Have a good week!

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  1. Wow my home was in kluang and never thought chamek will be this beautiful! Tq miss for this article n_n


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