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February 16, 2016
Mr and Mrs Sim

In January, Yiing Yee, Grace, Kent, Baba, Chei Tgeng and I went to Seremban to attend our dear friend, Yu He's wedding. Yup she's the geologist that I interviewed! 

The couple looked extremely adorable together. I should have asked her permission to share some of her sporty wedding photos here to prove that I'm not bluffing. In fact, cheesy words like adorable, "sweet-looking", "lovely" and "romantic" aren't suitable to describe them. Our friend is very unique, as you can read from that interview, and her husband Ronald is obviously very good-looking and extraordinary. If I must describe them in word, it'll be "compatible and complementary". They deserve each other. As her old friends we're genuinely, genuinely happy for them!

Yu He's brother, Xun Yuan's cameras. Dream.

Naturally I wouldn't miss the opportunity to explore the town. Of course we didn't miss the famous siew-pau and crabs, but I just wanted to record the more unexpected moments of the trip. We chose some unconventional spots, such as a restaurant that sells eggy Hainanese Chicken Chop in Rembau, a tiny hotspring located at the road side in Chengkau and the surprisingly vast paddy fields in Terachi. None of us had heard of these places before. 

To tell you the truth, these towns are simple, almost plain. There is nothing much going on, let alone sightseeing. Yet we had a good laugh when we realized that the hotspring was tinier than a water storage tank, enjoyed the breeze looking at the paddy fields even though they're not comparable to the ones at Sekinchan, we weren't upset when we saw the closed gate of Seri Menanti palace. And we're not worried when we lost our direction along the way. 

I'm more and more convinced that travelling is all about our mindset. We could be looking at the most amazing landscape and not feeling happy. Or we could be in the worst situation and still find happiness in it. In fact, not just travelling, in every aspect of life, our reaction and perception to every situation fully depend on our mindset. We can decide how we feel about our surroundings, my dear. We can.

Muzium Negeri
Muzium Negeri

Negeri Sembilan Video Diary
- Negeri Sembilan Video Diary -Here's a short video diary of our trip to Negeri Sembilan. It's definitely not a travel guide, and the video is far from perfect, I just want to share with you some interesting spots we explored and happy moments we had. The highlight of the weekend, is of course attending the wedding of our great friend, Yu He. We're genuinely, genuinely happy for you!
Posted by Eve Wai Kuan on Monday, January 25, 2016

And hey, I also made a video of this short trip. I ditched my DSLR this time and tried shooting with my sister's Xiaomi Mi4 phone. Then I used the simplest tool - Windows Movie Maker to stitch everything together. It doesn't have the best quality, angles and techniques, I'll say it's a very casual production. The video is so raw, so simple and natural, resembling exactly how I feel about the trip. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.

Travel experience can be shared, but not replicated. Hope this video is useful, not as a travel guide, but as a reminder that we can enjoy every single journey with an open and curious mind.

Have a wonderful travel experience!

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