Puzzle Pieces

March 13, 2016

I chose photos from some of my favourite moments, made a collage and turned it into a puzzle. Each photo means a lot to me. There's one photo of me and my sister, which represents my childhood and the old me. The other five photos were all taken last year in 2015. 

2015 was the most amazing year I ever had. Maybe it's because I grew up, or maybe it's because I finally made up my mind to adjust my surrounding and social circle.

I've somehow changed, both physically and mentally. 

Last year,
I met people from all walks of life, talked to them and listened to their amazing stories. 
I could finally look into a stranger's eyes and chat comfortably. 
I found a travel style that suits my current lifestyle.
I unexpectedly and gratefully, managed to graduate my Master's degree, and I decided to continue in the world of research and science.
I realized that I could forget the critics and continue to do what I believe.
I could finally embrace my slightly crooked tooth and laugh in photographs. 

Interviewing Shane and Shane. I used to be so afraid of talking to strangers, fearing that I might sound stupid.

Picnic in Melaka. Qiu Ying's invited me to join them in publishing magazines. This, my dear, in a thousand ways, had boosted my confidence in writing, and subsequently, my confidence in doing so many other things.

Muzium Telekom. I'm finally, able to appreciate my curiosity and wonders. And I found people who shared them with me. To be understood - that's probably one of the biggest blessings.

Collage for the puzzle made through Printcious 

I mapped some of my favourite moments into a puzzle - because life is a puzzle, cheh. My sister and I sure had fun putting the pieces together. 2015 had been the best year in my life. That's mostly because, I decided to have a change. I was so madly stuck at a bottleneck and needed to get over it. Though uneasy and unhappy at first, the restructuring and rebuilding processes were necessary. When I looked back at the year, there's not even one moment that I'm not grateful for.I wrote more about it on the blog: http://www.evetopia.com/2016/03/puzzle-pieces.html
Posted by Eve Wai Kuan on Sunday, March 13, 2016

I didn't step out of my comfort zone, I expanded it.
I can now feel more comfortable in different situation. 
I'm less anxious, less scared and less worried.
I look for perfection less. I embrace the present more. 

Let's continue to learn and grow. Let's see what happens in 2016. Good luck!

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