Riverside Lodge 河边小住


During our recent trip to Malacca, we spent most of time gathering with friends and chilling at the Riverside Lodge. We read, sketched, talked and watched movie. We did the subtle things that we usually wouldn't do in our hectic schedule.

I think my view on travelling has changed over the years, from a hustling tourist to now, a more patient and observant traveler. 

When my pace slows down, I can observe and experience more than I could.

When my mind slows down, I feel freedom and peace.
When my pace and mind slow down, traveling has become a natural and instinctive part of life.

And in that way, to travel is to live, to live is to travel.

日常 | 河边小住

上个月去了马六甲,这次的行程主要是和朋友聚聚,和留在河边小住里休息。 我们在那里阅读,画画,聊天,看电影,做一些梦幻细致,平时忙碌的生活里很少有机会做的东西。




After eating the famous duck noodle right in front of the houses, we strolled along Malacca river. 

Making videos is definitely more challenging than I thought. Not only we have to think about the flow, the ambience, movement and angle... to me the most difficult part is definitely the editing. I remember a friend used to tell me that editing a video is a process similar to cooking, you have to make sure everything harmonizes and has a rhythm, a life. I'm still learning to catch and feel that rhythm.

I've been to Malacca countless times and usually I'd stay at Jonker Street. Of course it is fun and vibrant there, but also crowded and busy. This time, we had fun at the crowded tourist area, and then came back at night to the quiet neighbourhood, drank wine and watched a good movie. Isn't this awesome?! This has been a wonderful experience, both staying here in Riverside Lodge and making the video. I'll see you again. Have a good day!

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