Someday is today

With the girls in front of The Coffee Jar.

It's been a while since I write on the blog, in fact it's been a while since I ever write anything. I was occupied with so many things - research, projects, activities, people, events... And I decided to put writing on the bottom of my to-do list. I'll write when I have time, I thought.

So time went by, day by day, week by week... "Just maybe another week then I'll start writing. I just don't have the time yet..." "Or maybe next month when this deadline is over..." "Or maybe one of the nights this week I'll sit down and write. Yeah I'll definitely do that."

Guess what happens?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I wish I can tell you proudly that I did it and you look at me and think I'm cool. But that didn't happen.

I was thinking, "Someday I'll have time to do it. Someday." What I did was purely to push it away, tuck it in the bottom of the list and wait for that someday to arrive. Suddenly and miraculously.

You can call me wishful thinking or pathetically optimistic. And I thought I was prioritizing well. Geez I was wrong.

Writing and reading have been my passion for the longest time. When these important things are set aside, it's destructive I'm telling you. I'm unhappy.

To me writing is a way to vent out emotions and opinions. Whenever I transfer something from my brain to paper, I feel more relaxed. Not sure if you know this, but the mind of an introvert is horribly full. I use writing to organize and streamline ideas and thoughts. And quite embarrassed to say, I seldom share my deepest thoughts verbally, even with good friends and family. What I do is write. I write them all out. I'd written so many pieces that I could never share publicly. They're extremely private content and I'll be dead meat if somebody ever reads them. In the few months without writing, my head is so full I'm going nuts. Imagine a person with constipation, for months. The level of discomfort and disgust is comparable to that.

Fortunately time is not wasted. I start to see what makes me happy and unhappy. I'm reshuffling my to-do list and move writing to a higher spot.

I took a while to understand and realize some super basic concepts - which is ridiculous but I'm an idiot who could only learn from mistakes.

1) Prioritizing doesn't mean totally giving up this for that, it means managing your time efficiently so that you can handle the most important things first and then complete the other things that you wish to do. I got this simple message by observing a few women and mothers who manage their time like a boss. The only way to have time to do what you want, is to find time for it.

2) Sacrifice can be over-rated and detrimental. Don't lose yourself completely in pursuit of other things. And if you stop doing what you really love, you're not going to be happy. An unhappy person is unattractive and unproductive. Taking the women that I observed as example, I think those who manage to keep their passion and interest while handling career and family, seem happier and prettier. Don't lose yourself.

My dear, that someday will never come if you don't move your butt. The bottom of the to-do list can never be checked if you don't squeeze time to do it.

Someday is today.

If you're already aware of these and practicing, I congratulate you. You're brilliant. Oh I sound as if I'm enlightened and in an ultra-zen mode. Of course I'm not! The fact is I am a timid, stubborn and pessimistic person. But I'm starting - at least today I am writing a short piece like this on a Sunday afternoon. I hope the momentum will last.

Thousands of photographs are sitting in my hard drive, untouched. I think they deserve to be seen. Here are some photos of my trip to Melaka in June. We spent a wonderful weekend there. I also did a short video of the homestay we stayed, the Riverside Lodge.

The Chee Mansion, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka.
Built by the first chairman of OCBC as a dedication to his father.
You can guess a person's taste from his dwelling.
Calligraphy and agarwood at 沂水閣沉香书艺廊 YSG Excellence Sdn Bhd.
Sunset at the ever-so-crowded Jonker Street night market.
Villa Sentosa at Kampung Morten. It's a living Malay house museum.
The Coffee Jar. The best thing about Melaka is having my friend Qiu Ying as our guide. She knows the Malaccan history, local legends, and cool friends who run adorable coffee shops like this.
It's a debate of the century - which is the best cendol in Melaka? To me the best is the one by Bibik House.
A beautiful frame and a beautiful house.
We waited for nearly an hour for a table at the Daily Fix Cafe.
I was very skeptical at first but... their food was unbelievably amazing. 
Wai Shan, who insisted on sitting and waiting for our table at the Daily Fix cafe. She was right.
Wai Shan

Hey, thanks for reading till the end. I hope I'll continue to have the courage and strength to write, take photos, and share it with you because honestly, sharing your essay publicly can be damn intimidating. Somebody might be judging my grammar or photography skill now... but whatever. 

Hope you have a good week!

Someday is today, baby. I'm back. 
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