Lovey Dovey

November 27, 2016

A while ago I did a convocation photoshoot for a lovely couple. Somehow Thomas found me on Facebook and asked if I could do a shoot for him and his girlfriend Sam. We'd never met before, so.. initially Shan and I were slightly concerned that the whole shoot would be awkward. We thought about the props and poses and all.

Well it turned out that the concerns were pretty pointless. The shoot was great because they are really a happy and witty couple. They were so natural and unpretentious. They kept laughing and we're laughing too!

Being in love is really a strange thing. When you're with the right person, you emit good vibe and people around you can feel it too. And good vibe can only be transmitted from a good and happy relationship. I'd been listening to some interesting and weird relationship stories lately and we're wondering, 'So what's a good relationship?'

Well maybe a good relationship is just the simple stuff - feeling relaxed and comfortable in each other's presence, making fun of each other a little bit, embrace the present moment, and -- laugh.
Thanks for letting me share the pic, Sam! 

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