Eve's Diary

December 26, 2016

American writer Mark Twain published a short story "Eve's Diary" in 1906. Of course I need to find it and read it. In the story he imagined how Eve would write her diary since the first day she was created. She met Adam and got to know this being, started to explore the Garden of Eden, ate the fruit, left the Garden and spent the rest of her life outside of Eden. She was so curious about everything but confused, especially when she first knew desire and death, but nevertheless she learned and progressed along... 

“Some things you can't find out; but you will never know you can't by guessing and supposing: no, you have to be patient and go on experimenting until you find out that you can't find out.”

And, the last sentence of the story was by Adam at Eve's grave.

“Wheresoever she was, there was Eden.”

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