Cheers to the #talkaboutit documentaries

January 13, 2017
Gogu and I, photo by Dinesh

We followed Dinesh around the area while he shot on his film camera. Chow Kit is usually seen as a dangerous area, but I didn't feel that way, on the contrary, I find Chow Kit interesting. It's more lively and friendly than many other places in KL. Cafes and shopping malls are much cooler and neater, but sometimes I questioned if over-planning or manipulation is really the sign of modernity and intelligence. Chow Kit is messy, but full of life. Like, real, authentic life.

This photo was taken six months ago and I only got to see it now. We walked to Kampung Baru and saw some cute houses. Dinesh asked us to sit together and then he pressed the shutter. If this was taken digitally I'd have checked the photo thoroughly and asked him to reshoot if I think my face looked round or hair too messy. Control issue, babe. But this was on film, so nobody knows or has control over the outcome. I think this is the essence of the art - focus on the process and let go of the expectation.

See and experience every moment. No matter where you are. Can't wait to let you see the documentaries we made.  
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